How to better interpret people?

How our brains deceive us, and what can we do about it?

What are microexpressions and how can you read them?

How to modify reality using psychological methods?

How to motivate people effectively?

Jose has provided training on interaction skills and wonders of the human mind to various professionals, including airport security staff and police officers, supervisors and sales clerks. The lectures are custom designed for each target audience.

Jose has co-authored a book, ”The Anatomy of Deception”, with Pete Poskiparta. In addition, he provided expert advice for the content of another book, “The Everyday Mentalist”, especially on the chapter on microexpressions.

”Think Like a Mentalist” is an entertaining lecture full of practical information that will help you learn new things about yourself and others, as well as about effective interaction. This is no mumbo jumbo, but really incredible stuff about the wonders of the human mind.

Jose’s unique insights into the human mind will challenge you to rethink your own interaction skills and conventional wisdom.

Lectures and workshops can be negotiated 30 min – 6 hrs

Custom designed lectures on various topics, such as guerrilla marketing, motivation, team spirit, creativity.

In only a few hours, Jose Ahonen introduced our training staff in charge of air travel safety and security to the world of microexpressions and the fundamentals of their interpretation. A short training session gave us plenty of concrete knowledge and the tools to transfer this know-how into our work environment. There was no magic in this training, instead it combined theory and practice into a lucid package, delivered by an interesting professional.
— Matti Lehto, Head of Training, Finavia Oyj, Training Unit for Business Security
The lecture was hypnotically addicting, and even the most dedicated workaholics were able to forget their jobs for the while. The content was interesting and thought-provoking, and the subject could have held our attention even longer. It stimulated lively conversation that lasted for weeks, so one could say that it gave us something to think about and inspired us in a new way. Spotting microexpressions in the coffee room or at meetings has become a habit for us, and hopefully it will have a positive effect on the atmosphere at our workplace, like the lecture did. It was very matter-of-fact, not overly entertaining, and a great event for our professional development day.
— Karoliina Ratia, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health