Honesty is the best policy, yet we all lie in our daily lives. Who actually deceive us, and how, and why does it always seem so easy? What part of deception is even necessary for the functioning of our society, and the larger natural world, and when does a white lie become fraud?

Two honest swindlers, mentalists Pete Poskiparta and Jose Ahonen, dig into the anatomy of deception along with various experts from diverse professions. The book includes numerous exciting examples, from the smallest scams at the bar counter to successful billion dollar stings. What kind of person will cheat for real, and can you recognize this in advance. How is it possible that a skillful scammer is able to empty his victim’s bank accounts after only a few days’ acquaintance, and why is a billion dollar corporation able to practice illusionary finances for years before people around it wake up to reality? The answers to these questions, and many other cause-and-effect relationships that illuminate the world of deception, are being sought from psychiatrists, evolutionary biologists, and undercover police officers. After reading this book, you will be a little less likely to fall victim to deception.

The book is written in Finnish.